Deck Foam Fire Extinguishing System

Dect Foam System

It is required by SOLAS convention to install fixed deck foam extinguishing system on cargo decks of oil and chemical tankers.

Flammable gas volatilized from liquid fuel explosively burns upon ignition and flames instantly spread over whole surface of the fuel oil.

To combat such a fire with intense flames, it is required to completely cover the burning fuel surface in order to avoid the exposure to air.

The flammable gas is constantly volatilized from the liquid fuel even after the fire has been successfully extinguished. This gas could be re-ignited by remaining heat on the equipment or breakage of the foam blanket by a fallen object, leading to a secondary fire.

To prevent re-ignition, it is essential to cover the burning surface with a tough and durable foam blanket to suppress the volatilization of flammable gas, and to cool the surface of the fuel and the heated equipment down to the flash point. At present, the deck foam fire-fighting system is the only solution to satisfy these multiple requirements.

Deck Foam fire extinguishing systems are designed according to the terms of existing ships by ALMAR project team. The system covers the areas that cannot be reached with portable foam applicators and monitors are used to fight fire safely from a distance. The system inhibits the fire by mixing sea water with the most suitable foam determined by ALMAR. Generally 1 – 6% of foam is used.

In the system structure, ALMAR generally provides foam liquid , foam liquid pump,proportioner, manual valves, and foam monitors.