LPCO2 Fire Extinguishing System

ALMAR design the system around IMO and SOLAS global regulations with your demands. Each vessel has unique project for unique safety. Our teams consider all external and internal conditions for best result and provides higher engineering services.  Qulity and confirmity are our priority for your demands.

The liquid CO2 is stored in a tank, in which it is kept cooled by refrigerating machinery at an operating pressure inside the tank of 21 Bar.

The tank is made of steel. The tank installation is highly insulated with polyurethan foam and protected by aluminium sheeting preventing moisture from penetrating into the insulating material. Furthermore, in the design of pipe connections and supports care has been taken to avoid conductors of cold to the greatest possible extent. The tank upports have been designed to keep the tank firmly seated in the saddle when the ship labours in the sea and also to enable it to expand  when the temperature in it varies.

The refrigerating system on the tank consists of two complete units separated from each other and each having sufficient capacity to keep the tank cooled.

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