We are proud !

Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship, one of Turkey’s most important projects, is being built at the SEDEF shipyard. TCG Anadolu is Turkey’s first domestic and national war aircraft carrier. TCG Anadolu ( L400 ) has length of 230.8 meters and width of 32 meters.

When fixed fire extinguishing systems of TCG Anadolu, which will be the flagship of the Turkish Naval Forces is completed, were provided by ALMAR Fire. We provided 3 important systems such as High Pressure CO2 Fire Extingushing system, Total Floding Watermist and FM200 Fire Extingushing to our proud TCG Anadolu project. With the High Pressure CO2 Fire Extingushing system, we protect 8 different spaces, including the engine rooms. 

The Total Floding Watermist system contains 3 different systems in itself. The Local Application system, which protects the equipment such as the main engine and generator in the A category engine room, the Total flooding system, which protects the engine rooms with water mist, and the Sprinkler systems, which protect the living spaces with water, are provided together. In addition, we provide FM200 system for 6 different locations.

We would like to let you know that we, as Almar, are ready to share our knowledge and experience in TCG Anadolu and similar projects that will add value to Turkey.

This ship, which the Turkish Armed Forces can use for different purposes according to today’s changing needs, will have a platform where various types and sizes of air elements, including our national pride ATAK helicopter, can perform full capacity operations even in severe sea and weather conditions.

Besides that, it allows a fully equipped battalion of soldiers to be deployed with full protection from the air and sea with up to 46 ALTAY tanks and mechanized support vehicles. In peacetime, the LHD can also be used for Natural Disaster Aid missions when necessary. With the full-fledged hospital and operating room facilities, it can be used for medical support within the scope of natural disaster aid, humanitarian assistance and refugee evacuation operations.